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S.A. GROWS works with you every step of the way using state of the art tools to create your design.  Together with homeowners and developers, we have created some of the most breathtaking landscapes in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. When you call S.A. GROWS, you're not just getting a landscaping company, you’re getting an experienced team dedicated to helping you create your new outdoor environment.

You can rest assured that your project will be installed by skilled craftsman that specialize in their trade. Carpenters for building structures, electricians, concrete professionals, masons and seasoned crews for landscape work. 



S.A. GROWS installs systems designed for optimum performance and elegance that will enhance your landscape. We install both 120v and low voltage lighting systems and combinations of the two for the best presentation. LED lighting is used in most cases for its longevity, reliability and energy savings. Irrigation systems are designed and installed by licensed professionals to include both drip and traditional systems or combinations best suited to your projects needs.

Structural Elements

Pavilions, pergolas, patios, decks, fire pits, summer kitchens, water features, putting greens, artificial turf areas and more. We can build it and incorporate it in your new landscape!

Services S.A. GROWS performs:

  • Residential landscape, Irrigation and lighting Design

  • Residential landscape, Irrigation and lighting Installation (all aspects of) including structural items such as water features, patios, fire pits, summer kitchens, pergolas, etc.

  • S.A. GROWS also offers tree pruning as part of a larger project but not a stand-alone service.


Services S.A. GROWS does not offer:

  • Lawn care (or any aspect of) unless under a contract to maintain a new installed landscape we installed

  • Tree pruning unless part of a larger project but not as a stand-alone service.

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